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Saturday, December 17th, 2011

This is one of the most beautiful things ever made. (Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro – finale) . Ragnar Kjartansson (Icelandic artist) transformed this moment into a rosary bead. Performa Festival 2011 – New York.

For twelve hours (a couple weeks ago — Nov19) this scene (up to 2’31″) was performed thoroughly staged with a small orchestra (I played violin). (for more, gaggle something like “performa festival ragnar 2011″) Over and over, and over, and o v e r a n d o v e r and o v e r a n d o v e r a n d over a n d over a n d o v e r and again, and again, resetting each time with a lush, petitional D dominant chord. And every so often, stagehands dressed in 18C garb stopped by the pit to offer grapes and brussels sprouts and brrbon and all manner of lovely things. I know it hasn’t been nearly long enough for me to realize the effect of that experience on my general personhood. But. For the [short-term record]. It was, and still is, a beautiful thing. I am forever changed. I’ll leave it there.

Cut to one week later. I got to spend Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s in eastern North Carolina, and that weekend my family canoed (through some tangly muck) to a hidden lake. b l i s s . . . but cold . . . We camped out (with mosquitoes at 5pm and frost on the tent at 5am) and then rowed back to civilization the next day via the Albemarle Sound. We docked at a makeshift peninsula, near some fields –unfortunately, also a place some people dump their trash and furniture. But — some of those people have GREAT VINYL COLLECTIONS. My sister and I (and our dog) rummaged through some of this stuff and found a bag containing a nice collection of classical albums. Including a vintage Deutches Grammaphon record set of The Marriage of Figaro (Fischer-Dieskau/Vogel/Mathis). Yes. The world is an absurd and magical situation.