because we all secretly want to dance

15 February | 2010

What could possibly follow a somber post about surrealist poetry and Estonian choral music? THIS – THE BEST VIDEO EVRR. It was filmed last spring in the beautiful Antwerp train station as a promo for a Belgian show (though somehow everybody else in the world saw this youtube sensation and I’m just now – er – stepping in line). It’s just such a joyful, cathartic explosion of the universal love we share for The Sound of Music. For Julie Andrews. For Rogers & Hammerstein. For musicals and spontaneously choreographed efforts in public spaces.

And now let us all read together an article titled “Kitsch and Aesthetic Education” (Morreall & Loy, 1989).

One more bit — congrats and love and wonderful wishes to Ted & Janina, who got hitched last night. There was indeed spontaneous dancing, utterly and superbly unchoreographed…